GAIKER is a Centre devoted to the technological innovation. From its beginnings in 1985, it uptakes, develops and transfers technology to the industry in the fields related to its Knowledge Areas: Biotechnology, Environment & Recycling, and Plastics & Composites. The Plastics & Composites Department at GAIKER consists of researchers and technicians with wide experience in synthesis, formulation, transformation and characterization of polymeric materials, including biopolymers. Working on thermoplastic compounds to enhance performance with several manufacturers of polymeric materials, GAIKER’s competences include Biobased polymer synthesis and modification, compounding and assessment of different plastics and composites for a wide range of applications. The process pilot plant of GAIKER include possibility of development of prototypes covering different processing techniques to develop new material and final applications by extrusion casting, injection moulding lamination thermoforming and gravure o flexography coating. In addition, within the Materials Department at GAIKER, also works in the end of life (recycling) and sustainability evaluation (LCA/LCC) of post-consumer and industrial products and wastes.


María José Suárez

Mari Jose is BIOGEARS WP3 leader on the Design and development of biobased rope prototypes for aquaculture application and more specifically, on the development of the biobased/biodegradable compound required for the construction of the prototypes at TRL 4. Mari Jose works as Senior Researcher in the Functional and Sustainable Materials Teams at GAIKER. She has over 20 years of experience in the area of compounding on plastics materials, working in the last decade on Private and National and European funded project (FP7, Interreg, H2020) in the field of bioplastics and biocomposites. In the last 4 years she has been the representative of GAIKER and IK4 Research Alliance in the Biobased Industries Consortium.


Ainara Pocheville

Ainara is BIOGEARS WP5 leader on Sustainability Assessment. Ainara works as a researcher in the Recycling & Circular Economy team of GAIKER. She has over 13 years of experience in R&D projects development at national and European level (FP7, H2020, LIFE). She works on environmental studies using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies and researches on novel circular economy solutions by recycling technologies development.