ITSASKORDA was born in the 80s in the harbours of Ondarroa and Pasajes (Basque Country, Spain), where the rope makers provided the bottom trawlers. It began selling ropes in two local harbours and has expanded its distribution network to more than 26 countries on 5 continents. ITSASKORDA has always been interested to expand its horizons and find new markets and sectors to work in and some years ago, ITSASKORDA entered into the playground sector, agriculture and stockbreeding sectors, and industry. Above all, it has managed to become one of the leader manufacturers in the aquaculture industry, thanks to its revolutionary and innovative products in the sector. This has been due to their big investment in specialized machinery, new production facilities, R+D collaborations with technological and research centres, and in training. ITSASKORDA participates in different research, innovation and development projects, along with technological centres and different companies, creating synergies to create new materials, processes or products.


Manuel González Corbacho

Manuel, WP2 & 6 leader, is the general operations manager & CEO of Itsaskorda. He has extensive experience in production process, since he has been involved in all areas of the value chain since 1975. He will coordinate the development of the ropes prototypes to be tested in real environments, defining the manufacturing process charts of biobased and oil-based aquaculture ropes, regarding process steps, materials used and will estimate the costs associated. Supported by his industrial and market experience, he will coordinate with AZTI the elaboration of a market analysis to estimate the use and market potential of biobased aquaculture ropes in the European aquaculture sector.


Jon Rementería Larrucea

Jon is a product engineer & quality manager at Itsaskorda. He will be responsible for supervising all the processes and methods applied during the prototype and product development, ensuring that all quality standards are fulfilled among the whole process.