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Aquaculture and windmills

BIOGEARS works with a concept called Blue Lab, which is an innovative laboratory to pilot new and economically viable solutions to address a marine challenge, in this case plastic litter in the marine environment, a hot topic in ocean governance.

The consortium teams up research and industry stakeholders, combining multidisciplinary competences, to together develop innovative ropes in support of a thriving and sustainable blue economy in Europe. The Blue Lab concept works at the interface between research and commercial exploitation, testing and piloting innovative products and services so that results from research are taken forward closer to the market. The Blue Lab will also support the replication of research and its implementation in other European Regions. BIOGEARS will conduct technical, economic and environmental analysis of the biodegradable ropes’ performance, both at lab and pilot scale (sea tests).

Blue Lab resources and information will be shared on this page once it becomes available. 

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