BIOGEARS Project Milestone: Sea-trials completed

Sustainability assessment of the BIOGEARS ropes

Market analysis of the BIOGEARS ropes

Design and development of BIOGEARS prototype ropes

BIOGEARS Final Prototype Developed and Sea Trials Commence

BIOGEARS collaboration with ACCESS2SEA and CTAQUA

Project News: Final Production of BIOGEARS Prototype Rope

BIOGEARS on euronews

BIOGEARS first biobased ropes prototypes now ready!

Consumer survey on perceptions of biobased gears in aquaculture

Stakeholder Consultation for Development of Biobased Aquaculture Ropes

Project Progress: Understanding the market

Project Progress: BIOGEARS rope development and testing

Project Progress: Outreach, stakeholder engagement and dissemination

BIOGEARS first filaments tested at pilot scale for production of biodegradable ropes