BIOGEARS Project Milestone: Sea-trials completed

Published 28/07/2022

On the 18th of July 2022, BIOGEARS achieved another big milestone for the project’s progress; the final sea tests concluded. The trials, which ran for one production cycle (July 2021 – July 2022) aimed to validate the biobased and biodegradable ropes for mussel production in sea conditions. The BioGears ropes, developed earlier in the project, were manufactured using current industrial processes, using compounds developed from commercially available biobased polymers that were selected due to their proven adequate durability and functionality for mussel and seaweed production.

Over the past year, the effect of the rope on mussel grow-out in longline vs. in raft was assessed and compared. Testing took place every two months in AZTI’s experimental longline facilities sited at SE Bay of Biscay and AZTI’s experimental raft sited in Mutriku to assess the growth and survival of the mussels, condition index and meat yield, proximal composition, and fatty acid profiles. Preliminary results of the mussel growth performance in the experimental period are going to be presented in an oral presentation on the 28th of September in next Aquaculture Europe 2022 in Rimini, and also shared with stakeholders in a workshop on the 29th of September.  There is still time to register to attend the workshop at Aquaculture Europe, for more details click here 


Last edited 28/07/2022

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