Design and development of BIOGEARS prototype ropes

Published 12/12/2021

One of the main outcomes of the BIOGEARS project this year was the development of the rope prototypes (in WP3 Design and development of biobased rope prototypes, led by GAIKER) for validation at sea in offshore mussels and algae aquaculture facilities. This involved developing biobased compounds which were used to produce yarns using the mono- and multifilament extrusion process. These yarns were transferred into ropes specifically designed for mussels and seaweed aquaculture. During the last year GAIKER, CENTEXBEL and ITSASKORDA have worked hard to produce the necessary amounts of compounds, filament yarns and ropes. Finally, two rope prototypes have been selected for mussel suspended culture and four prototypes for seaweed cultured. The prototypes for mussels and seaweed have the same composition but involve different processing methods and have two different diameters.

(Note: AZTI together with ITSASKORDA participated in the selection of the commercial rope counterpart, based on the results obtained in previous projects, such as regional EMFF funded MUSSELS, conducted by AZTI regarding offshore mussel production).

The ropes have been manufactured at semi-industrial scale, by ITSASKORDA, to achieve quantities required for validation tests of WP4 and WP5 and for external BLUE LAB validation in aquaculture facilities.

Biobased compounds at pilot scale 

Multifilament yarns production at pilot scale

BIOGEARS mussel rope prototypes (white colour) and fossil-based mussels rope called GROPE (black colour)

The prototypes are now being validated in sea aquaculture facilities for monitoring for 1.5 years and results will be compared with commercial ropes counterparts manufactured with fossil-based polymers. As such WP3 activities have been concluded.

Last edited 13/12/2021

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