Market analysis of the BIOGEARS ropes

Published 13/12/2021

A market analysis of the projects biobased gears (biogears) for mussel and seaweed culture has been conducted by AZTI (as part of WP2 Filling the Gap: Potential use of biobased gears and minimisation of plastic use in aquaculture). The main objective of this research was to explore the potential market and the main drivers of the moving to biobased gears in Europe, and also to estimate the minimisation of plastic use in the European aquaculture sector through the introduction of biogears into the market. The specific objectives of the market analysis were to:

  1. Assess the potential market share for the biogears.
  2. Define the market scenarios for biogears: Market definition.
  3. Explore the potential price: Internal focused analysis.
  4. Understand the market share in the framework of bioplastic market: External focused analysis.
  5. Assess the intention of producers to buy biogears and shift towards eco-friendly aquaculture productions.

To explore the potential acceptance and implementation of biogears in the European market stakeholders surveys were conducted. The surveys were conducted online and targeted aquaculture stakeholders and consumers (the general public). To complement the data collected through surveys, in-depth personal interviews with aquaculture producers and suppliers were also carried out. The sectors targeted for the market analysis interviews has been the Spanish mussel sector of Galicia (first producer in Spain and in Europe); the Spanish marine fish producing sector (representing 95% of companies that produce marine fish in Spain. Spain being the third largest finfish producer country in the EU, with 60,535 tonnes (8.7%) behind the United Kingdom and Greece).

The figure below synthesises the market analysis conducted, which will be used further in the project to assess the value chain analysis and economic analysis of biogears.

The main findings from the market analysis, with insights on the implementation trends for biogears in the European aquaculture sector, will be published in a scientific paper in December 2021. We will share this publication when it becomes available.


Last edited 13/12/2021

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